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CRIM-220 - Basic Criminal Investigation
Basic Criminal Investigation is a study that combines the art of criminal investigation with the science of crime scene processing. Emphasis is placed on basic investigatory techniques used to identify and define participants in crimes, as well as procedures to secure, control, organize, and process various types of crime scenes. The primary focus of the course is suspect and evidence identification, documentation, and collection. Pre-constructed crime scenes and role- play scenarios will be used in connection with lectures. Prerequisite: CRIM-110 (PSLS-110). Three hours lecture each week. Three credits. Three billable hours.
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Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice*
Please see course description for all prerequisites.
1. Discuss and demonstrate the ability to perform those tasks required of a first responder to a crime scene. 2. Discuss and demonstrate proper interviewing and interrogation techniques. 3. Discuss and demonstrate the proper handling of evidence. 4. Discuss the importance of original notes and investigative reports. 5. Demonstrate the proper documentation of a crime scene. 6. Discuss and demonstrate appropriate methodologies for suspect identification. 7. Identify and discuss the various resources available to assist in the investigation of a crime. 8. Define the term Modus Operandi and discuss how it may be useful in the investigation of a crime.
Basic Criminal Investigation
Course: CRIM-220 - Basic Criminal Investigation