Emergency Resources

  • Campus Police Officers respond to all types of emergencies on campus.

    • A suspicious person
    • Medical emergencies
    • Escort service
    • Motor vehicle collisions
    • Recovered property
    • Thefts
    • Building or room access
    • Disorderly conduct; Classroom disruptions

  • Blue Light Emergency Call Boxes

    The college has installed several Blue Light emergency call boxes on the K, N and T buildings. Large signs and blue lights mark the locations of the emergency boxes.

    By pushing the call box button, the call goes to the college's emergency phone line, x8123, and Campus Police are immediately notified. As an additional safeguard, each call box is equipped with a strobe light that flashes when a message is transmitted enabling responding college personnel to better locate the call box.

    If emergency assistance is required, go to the nearest call box and follow the instructions printed on the box. After normal operating hours, calls from the Blue Light boxes are forwarded to the County's 911 Center.

    On the main parking lot, use the "Help Locator" signs to assist you when calling Campus Police on your personal cell phone.

    Emergency Telephones

    Telephones are located in each classroom, hallways and the Student Center. The college's emergency number, x8123, is posted on these phones so that students, faculty and staff can alert the college's Campus Police when there is a need for police assistance.

    Phones are also provided in each elevator that will dial 911.

    These phones are for the safety of students, faculty and staff. They have been placed both in conjunction with our Crisis Management Plan and to offer a higher level of safety and security to the college community.

    Safety/Security Guide

    Safety/security guides are posted in every classroom and in hallways. The guide includes emergency phone numbers and procedures to follow in the case of a crisis, accident, injury or fire.

    Automated External Defibrillators (AEDS)

    Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) maintained on the premises of Carroll Community College are strategically located around campus. The ownership and maintenance of these devices are in compliance with the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems (MIEMSS) and can be found by AED signs or specially marked flyers on bulletin boards. Call x8123 or 410-386-8123, and a Campus Police who is trained and certified to use the equipment  will respond. According to MIEMSS, AEDs may also be used in emergency situations warranting their use by any individual willing to operate the AED. 

    Bloodborne Pathogen Kits

    Carroll is committed to providing a safe and healthful environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors, and as a result bloodborne pathogen kits are located in hallways throughout the college. The kits include scoop and scraper, medical gloves, antibacterial wipes, germicidal solution and wipe with instructions, fluid control solidifier, disposal apron, bio bag with closure, infectious waste tag and safety shield for eyes and face in compliance with OSHA standards.

    EVAC+ Chair

    The college haseleven (11) Evac+ chairs to assist physically challenged students, faculty, staff and visitors in fire or other emergency situations. All Campus Police Officers have been trained on properly using the Evac+ chair and these chairs should only be used by trained officers.

    The chairs are located on the upper level of the following stairwells:

    • A building – Stairway #1 - near Information Desk
    • C building – Stairway #6 - between rooms C271 and C274
    • M building – Stairway #7 - between rooms M261 and M250
    • L building – Stairway #8 - in link between A and LRC
    • T building – Stairway #11 - at K Building bridge
    • T Building – Stairway #10 - Theater
    • N building – Stairway #13 - between rooms N205 and N215
    • K building – Stairway #14 - 2nd floor opposite K100 Conference Center
    • K building – Stairway #15 - 2nd floor opposite room K207
    • K building – Stairway #17 - 3rd  floor classroom wing opposite room K302
    • K building – Stairway #18 - 3rd floor classroom wing  by room K311