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  • College life offers many opportunities for students to develop an awareness of their rights and responsibilities as members of the community. Carroll's Student Government Organization (SGO) allows students to be heard through creative and thought provoking activities that connects them with one another and the community. All students are members of the organization by virtue of paying their activities fees each term. 

  • About SGO

    Governed by the 10 elected members of the Student Government Organization (SGO) Board, the SGO oversees and organizes student activities on campus. The SGO establishes and maintains student rights and academic freedoms. It is the student voice of campus life and a liaison to the Administration. It promotes student cultural, social and physical welfare. 

  • Elections

    Elections for the SGO Board's new student representatives occur in the beginning of the Fall and end of the Spring semesters.

    Applications are available in A118 or online, beginning in the first week of classes for new students and after Spring Break for returning students. The application must be completed and submitted by the specified deadline. All applicants are then interviewed by the board during a regular board meeting, followed by elections on Canvas during the third week of September and May. All current credit students are eligible to vote.

    SGO Board Member Responsibilities

    Responsibilities of the SGO Board include regulating and budgeting student activities fees with the Student Activities Finance Board, representing the views of students to other college constituents, and appointing students to SGO and college committees, which provides opportunities for student involvement in the governance process at the college.

    Meetings are held weekly during the Fall and Spring semesters and are open to the college community. During the Spring terms, the SGO Board meetings are held Wednesdays at 2:30 p.m. the Board Room (L090). 

    The SGO also sponsors an annual leadership awards banquet each May, where scholarships are awarded based on students’ involvement in leadership and campus activities.

    For more information, contact the Student Life Office at 410-386-8500.

  • Get Involved

    For more information, contact Jen Milam, Email: Phone: 410-386-8500