Scott Sainz


    When this ambitious 18-year-old General Studies major had learned he could attend Carroll classes while still in high school, he took as many classes as he could fit into his schedule.

    While he was dually-enrolled at Carroll and in high school (AND working at Lowe’s / volunteering at St. John’s Catholic Church), he completed 37 college credits that have now been applied to his Associate degree.

    “Being a dually-enrolled student gave me experience with older students and adults who study in the same college classroom,” Sainz said. “I worked with wonderful advisors who helped me choose the most appropriate classes which would transfer to a four-year university. All of my professors were helpful and willing to meet with me independently.”

    Scott now only has about one year of Carroll classes left to take to complete his degree, thanks to the leg up he got while in high school.

    “I chose Carroll for dual enrollment because of its affordability and transferability,” Sainz explained. “In high school, I did not know which college to attend. Dual enrollment provided me with unique, positive and helpful skills that are beneficial for the future.”