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Start your college experience while still in high school!

Carroll offers many courses to help you get a jump start on college while also getting an early taste of college life.

View our current course offerings. Students can enroll in any course they are eligible for.

How to Begin:

  1. Complete the Carroll Community College Application.
  2. Provide qualifying college-level scores or a 3.0 Grade Point Average verified by homeschool oversight/transcript.
  3. Register with Admissions (A101). Schedule an appointment by calling 410-386-8430.
  4. Pay tuition (View tuition costs for dually enrolled Homeschool or Private School students).
  5. Attend New Student Orientation

Can I take courses outside of the school day?

Yes, students may take late afternoon and evening courses.

Can I take online courses?

Yes, online courses are allowed, but require special attention and diligence on the part of the student. We encourage students to take classes in person for the college atmosphere experience, but understand that online classes are more flexible in terms of scheduling.

Can I take Winter or Summer courses as a dually enrolled student?

Winter: Yes. You will need to complete new dual enrollment paperwork with your high school counselor. Discounted tuition is applied to the Winter term.
Summer: A student may take classes, but it is not considered dual enrollment and no discount is offered. However, Summer is a great time to take extra coursework, especially college-level science courses which are harder to work around a high school schedule.

Do my parents need to attend the dual enrollment meeting?

Parents are required to attend the initial meeting with the high school counselor. We encourage the parent to attend the registration meeting at the College as well. The parent cannot come to the College alone to register their child; the student must be present for this meeting.

How do I pay for this?

Dually enrolled high school students taking classes at Carroll or on-site at their high school receive discounted tuition. Federal financial aid is not available for dually enrolled students. However, we do have a payment plan that can help you break up your payments into as many as five monthly installments. (View tuition costs for dually enrolled Homeschool & Private School students).

How many courses can I take?

Students must take at least one high school course to be eligible for dual enrollment. When you meet with your high school counselor, you will discuss how many courses you should take based on your schedule. For CCPS students, it is mod for mod. For example, if you are missing two classes, you need to enroll in two college classes.

Is tutoring available for me as a dually enrolled student?

Yes! As a dually enrolled student at your high school or at Carroll, you are able to participate in drop-in or by-appointment tutoring for free!

What courses can I take at Carroll Community College?

We have so many options at Carroll! A student can take whatever s/he is eligible for in regards to placement. The high school may provide recommendations for the student. Students can work on graduation requirements such as history, English, mathematics and personal finance. Students may also take courses they are interested in or general education requirements. A Carroll Admissions Counselor can work with the student through this process.

What if I have a 504 or IEP?

Carroll Community College wants to ensure that students have a healthy transition to college coursework. Students with a 504 or IEP (or any other medical documentation) can meet with a Disability Support Services counselor in A101 to discuss accommodations at the College. Students need to self-identify and schedule a meeting with the ADA Office before the start of classes. Students enrolled in CCC courses which are being taught on CCPS sites who would be eligible for accommodations on the basis of their existing IEP/504 plans would be eligible to receive postsecondary-appropriate accommodations through Carroll’s Office of ADA/Disability Support Services.

For the majority of testing accommodation needs/requests – most commonly 50% additional testing time, distraction-reduced testing, calculator access – Carroll is amenable to a simplified process whereby the majority of these student accommodation needs/requests can be provided directly through an affirmation of eligibility by a designated representative/point-of-contact within the high school.

More complex student needs or accommodation requests can be addressed on a case-by-case basis through the standard established process at Carroll for students requesting accommodations.

Will my courses transfer to my 4-year school?

Yes! Many dually enrolled students work on general education classes which do transfer to both in-state and out-of-state schools. If you have any questions/concerns about a course, the Carroll Admissions Counselor can help you at the registration meeting.


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Jonathan Nusbaum is a dually enrolled, full-time student in his second year at Carroll Community College, doing part of his studies at Carroll and the other part through home schooling. His mother, who currently works at Carroll as an Academic Services Learning Specialist, had previously been a public school teacher.

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Have Questions about Dual Enrollment?

Admissions Office is open and offering remove services. Call or emails us with questions or to schedule an appointment with a counselor.

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