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Carroll Community College welcomes all students who are English Language Learners, regardless of their immigration status. At Carroll, it is easy to enroll in an academic ESOL credit pathway, and we offer support and guidance throughout the enrollment process.

This information is for students who are interested in pursuing an academic ESOL credit pathway to earn a college degree. If you are interested in a short-term program, you will need to complete a different enrollment process through our Continuing Education & Training office.

Next Steps

Who Are Academic ESOL classes for?

Academic ESOL is for students who want to enter an academic program of study at Carroll Community College.

These classes are a good place to start if:

  • You want to pursue a degree or certificate.
  • You are eligible for one of the courses below after taking the English placement test at Carroll:
    • ELL-001 (non-credit)
    • ELL-002 (non-credit)
    • ENGL-101/ALP (credit)
    • ENGL-101 (credit)


Academic ESOL classes have regular college tuition and fees.

Possible Pathways

Start with ELL-001/ELL-002

  • These are non-credit, transitional courses that help students improve their written English in preparation for degree or certificate program courses at the college.
  • Students who are eligible for ELL-001/002 are also eligible to take some credit courses if needed. These courses may not count towards a degree or certificate program.
  • Students who successfully complete these courses will be eligible to take ENGL-101.
  • ELL-001 and ELL-002 are taken on campus, with two lectures per week.

Start with ENGL-101/ALP or ENGL-101

Students who are eligible for ENGL-101, but would like to learn with fellow English Language Learners may choose to take the ENGL-101-ESL section that is dedicated to ESL students. Ask your Advisor for help registering for this section of the course.

  • Students who are eligible for ENGL-101 are eligible to start taking courses that count towards a degree program.
  • Students can take ENGL-101 on campus or online.
Important note: If you are a beginner with the English language, you will need to follow the Basic Skills ESOL pathway before pursuing Academic ESOL. If you have any questions, please contact

How to apply and enroll

  1. Apply Here
    • It is free to apply.
  2. Placement – Based on your academic experience and skills, we’ll help you decide what your first classes should be for your academic ESOL credit pathway.
    • We will work with you to choose your best courses.
    • We need your high school transcript to help you with placement. Ask your high school counseling office to send your transcript to
    • Contact your Admissions counselor at Carroll for guidance: Lara Truitt at 410-386-8409 or
  3. Registration
    • Based on your placement and area of study, you will plan and register for courses with your dedicated academic advisor.
    • Your Admissions counselor will connect you with your advisor. You can meet with your advisor online or on campus.
  4. Pay for classes
    • Our Financial Aid Office can help you plan how to pay for college.
    • Register early for your best schedule, choosing days and times. Payment isn’t due until August 1.
    • View specific tuition and cost information.
    • For specific tuition information based on immigration status, go to our International Students webpage.
    • The Financial Aid Section on this page has information about available aid, scholarships, and more.
  5. Orientation
    • During Orientation, you will meet other students and learn what a college class is like, what technology we use and how to set it up, how to get help when you need it, and more.
    • Register at
  6. Prepare for Class
    • Buy your books here.
    • Preview your classes in Canvas one week before classes begin.
    • Go to classes the first day they meet. This will help you start strong, allow you to meet your professors and peers, and ensure you are best introduced to the coursework.

There are different ways to pay for college, depending on your situation and circumstances. This is true for all students, including undocumented students. We can help you plan how to pay for college and determine what funding resources are available to you.

Step 1 – Complete a Financial Aid Application

Depending on your situation, apply for federal or state aid.

FAFSA (federal financial aid) Available to students with a social security number and requires family income information.
MSFAA (Maryland financial aid) Available to students who are not eligible for the FAFSA (including undocumented students).

Both the FAFSA and MSFAA applications are available on October 1 every year. Applications must be completed by March 1.

Step 2 – Apply for scholarships

Scholarships are free money. If you receive a scholarship, you do not need to pay this money back. Different scholarships have different requirements. Please apply to be considered for all opportunities. We do our best to award money to all new students.

To read more about scholarship opportunities, go to To read more about financial aid resources for undocumented students, please visit the Financial Aid for Undocumented Students page.

If you would like to talk with someone about financial resources at Carroll, please contact the Director of Financial Aid, John Gay, at 410-386-8434 or

Carroll has many resources to help you succeed!

We are here to support students and want to do everything we can to help them feel confident in their educational pursuits. Below are some resources we offer our students:

Contact Admissions for Next Steps

Lara Truitt, Admissions Recruiter/Advisor
410-386-8409 |
1601 Washington Road, Westminster, MD 21157
Se habla español.