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Our Computer Programming Certificate program helps you build or expand essential programming and problem-solving skills in Python, C++ and Java as you prepare for future study and employment in Computer Science.

Total Credits


Program Length

One year/two semesters

About the Certificate

Carroll’s Lower Division Certificate (L.D.C.) in Computer Programming provides the opportunity to journey into the world of Computer Science, preparing students for continued study and employment. This certificate serves as a bridge to Associate and Bachelor’s degree programs, creating an affordable and accessible entry point into the field.

The Computer Programming Certificate equips students with essential computer programming skills, readying them to be valuable contributors to the regional workforce in an identified area of need. Students will complete a core set of courses focused on programming, problem solving, algorithm development and mathematics, building foundational and specialty skills.

Why choose Carroll’s Computer Programming L.D.C. Program:

  • Springboard to future study and employment in software development, computer and information systems, or database administration.
  • Develop or upgrade existing skills in Computer Science.
  • Experience personalized attention in small courses with hands-on learning.
  • Save up to $5000 by completing a year of study at Carroll before transferring to a four-year public university in Maryland.

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Advisory Board

Carroll’s Lower Division Certificate in Computer Programming curriculum is developed and continuously reviewed by an advisory board of business leaders and industry experts, ensuring the program meets all current skill and knowledge requirements.



Transfers & Careers

Discover Your Passion

Find out what your interests are and how they relate to the world of work.


Those who earn the L.D.C. in Computer Programming are well positioned to transfer seamlessly to a Bachelor’s degree program in Computer Science at any number of institutions, including the University of Maryland Global Campus.


Maryland Department of Labor projects a 10-20%  increase in the number of job openings for software developers, systems analysts and database administrators by 2030.

Jobs related to this field have a median annual salary of $97,800.


Carroll’s faculty are scholars, researchers, distinguished leaders and industry professionals selected based on their experience, academic excellence and passion for teaching. They possess a wealth of skills and knowledge to share with you throughout your pursuit of a Lower Division Certificate in Computer Programming.