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Certificate - Assisted Living Manager

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This is an OHCQ approved 80-hour training to prepare assisted living managers. Topics include the philosophy of assisted living, aging process and its impact, assessment and level of care waiver, service planning, clinical management, admission and discharge criteria, nutrition and food safety, dementia, mental health and behavior management, end-of-life care, management and operation, emergency planning, quality assurance and the survey process. To meet OHCQ requirements, 100% attendance is required.

Occupational Requirements

The assisted living manager shall at a minimum 21 years old or older;  possess a high school diploma, a high school equivalency diploma, or other appropriate education and have experience to conduct the responsibilities specified in this regulation;  have two years experience in a health care related field and successful completion of the 80-hour assisted living manager training program.

Information Unique to the Training


Courses to Complete

  • Prerequisites

  • Core Courses 
      AHE-113 Assisted Living Manager 

View for current course offerings. Not all courses are offered in every schedule.

Approximate Number of Hours

80 hours 

Approximate Training Cost*


Licensure/Certification Earned

Successful completion meets the OHCQ requirements for Assisted Living Managers.

Assisted Living Manager may also be taken in modules approved by OHCQ to meet the requirement toward the 20 hours of continuing education training for assisted living managers. Modules review updated regulations and issues on relevant assisted living topics such as: Aging, Level of Care, Nutrition and Food Safety, Dementia,  Mental Health, Emergency Planning and Quality Assurance. 

Estimated Hourly Wage**

$12 /hr.

*Unless noted, cost does not include any required textbooks, applicable licensing fees, background check fees, testing fees, etc.
**Wages are are estimates only.