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Certificate - Truck Driver - CDL-A&B

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Local drivers may provide daily service for a specific route while other drivers make inter-city and interstate deliveries that take longer and may vary from job to job. Long-distance heavy truck and tractor-trailer drivers spend most of their working time behind the wheel but may load or unload their cargo after arriving at their final destination. Drivers frequently travel at night, on holidays and weekends to avoid traffic delays and deliver cargo on time. 

Special Requirements

  • Valid Maryland driver's license
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) Medical Examiner's Certificate (required for Learner's Permit) 
  • Drug screening 
  • CDL Learner's Permit with the appropriate endorsements to enroll in either the CDL-A or CDL-B Hospitality program.
  • Endorsements needed:
    CDL-A: Air Brakes, Combinations, General Knowledge
    CDL-B Hospitality: Air Brakes, General Knowledge, Passenger

Information Unique to the Training

This training is offered in partnership with Hagerstown Community College (HCC). All classroom and range training is held at 14527 Industry Drive, Hagerstown, MD  21742
For more information, call 410-386-8100.


To register, you must present the following:

  • Valid Maryland driver's license
  • Current copy of your MVA driving record
  • DOT Medical Examiner's Certificate
  • Current Maryland CDL Learner's Permit with a CDL-A or CDL-B Hospitality endorsement (see Special Requirements above; for information on obtaining a Learner's Permit, call the MVA).

Courses to Complete

  • Prerequisites
  • Core Courses
    Course numbers vary for CDL-A and CDL-B classes. You must meet prerequisites before registering (see above).

Approximate Number of Hours

CDL-A: 240 hours
CDL-B: 65 hours 

Approximate Training Cost*

CDL-A - $3,642 (plus applicable fees)* 
CDL-B Hospitality - $1,758 (plus applicable fees)* 

Licensure/Certification Earned

Upon successful completion of this training and the MVA written and driving tests administered during class, either a MD CDL-A or CDL-B license will be awarded. 


Estimated Hourly Wage**

$19 - $20/hour: tractor trailer
$16 - $22/hour: light trucks and delivery vans 

*Unless noted, the cost does not include any required textbooks and related materials, applicable licensing fees, background check fees, testing fees or prerequisite courses.
**Wages are based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and are estimates only.