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Certificate - Media Production Specialist

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Certificate - Media Production Specialist Overview

Media production specialists produce, edit and manipulate images, graphics, audio and video for a wide audience to inform or entertain. This program will train individuals to pursue a freelance or professional career to edit audio, video and operate a variety of camera equipment and devices. This certificate is conducted in partnership with, and on location of, the Community Media Center and its staff.

Occupational Requirements


Information Unique to the Training


Courses to Complete

  • Prerequisites

  • Core Courses 

    MMD-005  Introductory Seminar in Media Production
    DAP-842   Media Pre-Production
    DAP-843   Audio Production
    MMD-002  Media Production
    MMD-003  Media Post-production
    MMD-004  Formatting Media Content for Online Platforms
    MMD-001  Media Production Specialist Capstone

View current course offerings.  Not all courses are offered in every schedule.

Approximate Number of Hours

98 hours 

Approximate Training Cost*


Licensure/Certification Earned


DAP-791 Premiere Level 1: Introduction to Digital Video Editing
DAP-792 Premiere Level 2: Advanced Digital Video Editing

Estimated Hourly Wage**

$24 - 37/hr.

*Unless noted, cost does not include any required textbooks, applicable licensing fees, background check fees, testing fees, etc.
**Wages are based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and are estimates only.