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This pathway prepares students for a degree in Business Administration. Students learn accounting principles within a business setting and apply this knowledge through coursework on law, economics and financial statements.
  • Guaranteed transfer with the A.A. degree (must be competitive for selective admissions options) to public Maryland school.
  • Seamless transfer to out of state schools if you work closely with an academic adviser.
  • Great merit based scholarship opportunities for high achieving community college students, at public and private schools.
  • Special transfer agreements to various schools.
  • Applied Calculus (MATH -132) and Introduction to Statistical Methods (MATH-115) are required for Business majors at many four-year schools.
  • Transfer schools may offer different tracks within their Business Department. Look for a school that offers the specialty area you want pursue. If you're uncertain about which area to pursue, look for a school that offers lots of options.