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This pathway prepares students for a career in business and becoming a productive office employee. The pathway offers three different degrees. General Business focuses on traditional concepts of business, Management Information Systems combines computer information systems and business, and International Business allows students to pursue their interest in finance and international business. This program is beneficial for students planning to transfer; however, the conclusion of this degree also proves appropriate for a career in business.

Career Strategies

Business Strategies

 International Business Strategies

  • Seek cultural experiences in the community and on campus.
  • Study world governments, economics, and religions in class or via a Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC). 
  • Become fluent in at least one additional language.

General Strategies

  • Treat school like a job: attend, be on time, complete assignments, etc.
  • Attend programs and activities sponsored by the Business Area of Study and related Areas of Study.
  • Volunteer your expertise in your specialization (accounting, marketing, etc.) at non-profit organizations; build a network of contacts in the non-profit sector.
  • Secure strong faculty recommendations; consider finding a mentor in your career area of interest.
  • Cultivate strong persuasion skills. Learn how to communicate effectively with a wide range of people and build relationships.
  • Consider on-campus employment as a means to build your skills and your network of contacts.
  • Develop problem solving skills, self-confidence, assertiveness and empathy to deliver effective customer service.
  • Participate in leadership programs like the Leadership ChallengeAdvanced Leadership Challenge as well as leadership positions in community organizations.
  • Become comfortable with giving presentations. Take classes in communication and public speaking (e.g. Introduction to Speech Communication SPCH-101Advanced Public Speaking SPCH-201, etc.).
  • Create your resume, social media and professional brand.
  • Develop your resume and online presence via Linked In, Facebook, Weebly, etc.
  • Follow blogs or websites of accomplished individuals you admire.
  • Talk to professionals in the industry; conduct informational interviews.
  • Gain experience through part-time, summer or internship positions in a business environment.
  • Follow businesses in your area of interest through Facebook, LinkedIn, Glassdoor and social media.
  • Develop strong teamwork skills from work or student organization(s) experiences.
  • Participate in service-learning events through classes or for one-day volunteer programs (e.g. Cold Weather Shelter, Westminster Clean-up, etc.).
  • Develop excellent computer skills, including relevant software packages, through online tutorials, MOOCs or in Carroll classes.