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The Performing Arts Pathway offers focus in music and theatre. The Music Pathway provides students with knowledge and skills related to the music field. The Theatre Pathway has two focuses including Theatre Performance, which focuses on drama, expressive communication and performance; and Theatre Design and Technology, which focuses on technical theatre, history and production.

Career Strategies

Performing Arts Strategies


Visit Majoring in Music for more information and strategies.


  • Participate in acting workshops, courses and seminars to get advice and experience and to make contacts with others in the field.
  • Join unions (e.g. Actors Equity Union) or actors' guilds to stay abreast of opportunities and developments in the field.
  • Train with a dialect coach.
  • Prepare a professional resume that lists your acting experience. Have your resume attached to or printed on the reverse side of the 8″ x 10″ photograph of yourself.
  • Be prepared to make the rounds. Distribute your resume to numerous agencies and offices. Follow up with several personal visits.
  • Secure an agent or manager to help find jobs.
  • Join the Screen Actors Guild.

General Strategies

  • Earn good grades. Grades are an indicator of technical competence and of a person's work ethic.
  • Attend programs and activities sponsored by the Creative Arts Area of Study and related Areas of Study.
  • Attend a resume, social media, or personal branding workshop on campus.
  • Develop leadership skills through participation in student organizations (Campus Activities Board, SGO, etc.).
  • Network: Talk with people working in the field or affiliated with arts organizations to learn of jobs and opportunities. Join professional groups to make contacts.
  • Follow blogs or websites of creative professionals you admire.
  • Participate in leadership programs like the Leadership Challenge/Advanced Leadership Challenge.
  • Participate in service-learning events through classes or one-day volunteer programs (e.g. Cold Weather Shelter, Westminster Clean-up, etc.) either through the college or in the community.